About US


Shangerila Ethiopia Tours is committed to the development of the tourism industry in Ethiopia. With its young tourism professional and multilingual tour guides, drivers and cooks, Shangerila Ethiopia Tours is bringing a turning point to the country’s economy. Moreover, the company is engaged in the printing of high quality post cards and posters on the various tourist attractions, particularly on those untouched ones.



Our company is operated by professional teams who have extensive knowledge and experience in coordinating and planning tailor made and group tours, hotel reservations, air ticket selling, car rental and other occasions in the hospitality industry. Our tours are designed to meet your special need in such a way that you can travel by Air or by Road. Our professional and well experienced team is ready to design tours to meet your needs. Shangerila Ethiopia Tours principle is to provide its customers the reasonably priced and quality service with the most exciting, detisfying and memorable visit during their stay in Ethiopia. We work hard to ensure you get only the best.


Shangerila Ethiopia Tours strives to promote the unique tourism products of Ethiopia that are history, nature, culture and other peculiar events and build a positive image on the eyes of the outside world about what Ethiopia has to offer.



Our success will ultimately be measured by our customers choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations and interest.

Shangrila Ethiopia Tour operation is a Member of Ethiopian Tour Operations Association
Africa Travel Association LogoShangrila Ethiopia Tour operation is a member of ATTA:African Travel and Tourism Association