Out Door Activities

Ethiopia is increasingly becoming recognized as a premier venue for a range of outdoor activities, white water rafting, trekking, caving and paragliding are all on the increase from the young – and not – so young – along with the more gentle and traditional pursuits of fishing and bird watching.




White water rafting is a highly popular /activity/ sport enjoyed on all continents. Ethiopia’s rivers have played an important role in upgrading this sport, as one part of the ecotourism and adventure.

The Omo river, which tumbles for some 350 kilometers through steep, inaccessible valleys, was first explored by an intrepid group in 1973 inspired by their success number of commercial operations have set up rafting holidays on the river. The best seasons for Omo trips is from September to October, when the water is still high from June-September’s rains and the weather is starting to dry out.


Trekking and Mountain Climbing
Blue Nile falls

Blessed with a temperate climate, fine mountain scenery and a tradition of generous hospitality, the Ethiopian highlands offer superb opportunities for trekking and mountain climbing. The sport is still not yet developed but mountain climbing is now organized on the Simien and Bale mountains.

Trekking in Ethiopia does not involve being super-fit, horses, mules and donkeys are universal means of transport, so horse trekking has been a natural development. The terrain is usually steep for only short periods, when walking rather riding may be necessary. Whereas, in Bale Park, trips can tailored to meet all individuals’ needs, whether the day trips around Dinsho or ten day hikes around the whole park. The principal, well-established areas for trekking are simien and Bale Mountains National Parks.

Lesser known trekking areas are in the remote south-west highlands, east and west of the Omo valley where strong and colorful cultures complement the apple of scenery, flora and fauna. Other beautiful areas include mount chilalo and the Arba Gugu area in Arsi.and the Chercher Mountains in Harergue.Trekking groups are normally accompanied by park rangers who fetch mules and they are generally sharp-eyed and have adequate knowledge of flora, fauna found in the terrain.


The Sof Omer cave systems,120 kilometers east of Goba in Bale region, is one of the most spectacular and extensive underground caverns in the world.

Formed by the Weyb River as it changed course in the distant past and carved a new channel through limestone foot hills, the 16 kilometers cave systems is an extraordinary natural phenomenon of breathtaking beauty.

The dry, cool caves contain many marvels of natural architecture, including soaring pillars of stone 20 meters high, flying buttresses, fluted archways and tall airy vaults. Finally the river itself is reached, flowing through a deep gorge.

You can explore the caves on foot, without special climbing equipment, but proper precautions have to be taken. Torches or other lighting are needed in addition to a map of the cave. The most direct route through the first part of the caves takes about an hour walk on foot.



Conditions for sport fishing could hardly be better than in Ethiopia. Rivers and lakes are full of a wide variety of fish, some of extraordinary size. Ethiopia boasts more than 200 species of freshwater fish, including Nile perch, immense catfish, triggerfish, and brown and rainbow trout.

Very few Ethiopians are anglers so visitors will find many unspoiled areas where they can fish in peace. A typical day’s fishing may also include the bonus of seeing families of hippo, giant crocodiles, or pink clouds of flamingos.


Bird Watching
Debre Damo

Ethiopia’s rift valley lakes, highland massifs, lowlands and semi-deserts provide the varied terrain to support an amazing variety of birds. The country’s position and terrain has enabled the evolution of many birds of the region into unique forms and species.

Ethiopia boasts 857 bird species, of which 16 are considered endemic. Whether in the highland forests or plateau, on the lakes, or in the lowlands, Ethiopia is an ornithological paradise for bird watchers.



Paragliding looks set to become the latest feature of Ethiopia’s burgeoning adventure tourism. Ethiopia has the ideal terrain and Hunter Tour Operations – Ethiopia is adding this sport to its activities.